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Link Quick LnkQ - your comprehensive solution to URL shortening and analytics! Manage your web navigation and content sharing with ease, courtesy of our intuitive and user-friendly interface

Bid farewell to unwieldy URLs and welcome the simplicity and efficiency of short, shareable links. With Link Quick, you hold the power of efficient web management right at your fingertips.

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Advanced Analytics

Don’t get lost in the sea of web management complexities. Dive into the world of smart URL shortening with Link Quick.

Harness the potential of our advanced features and enjoy a streamlined, efficient, and secure online experience. Whether you’re a business looking to understand your audience better, a content creator looking for easy content delivery, or just someone seeking a smoother web navigation experience, Link Quick is your reliable partner.

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  • Link Shortener: Transform lengthy URLs into short, manageable links.

  • Analytics: Get access to detailed analytics including daily views, devices, countries, operating systems, browsers, languages, and referrals.

  • QR Code Generation: Forget manual URL insertion - generate unique QR codes that lead directly to your desired link.

  • Link Expiry: Set up link expiration based on a specific time frame or a certain number of visits.

  • Secure Links: Enhance your link security with customizable passwords.

  • Link Forwarding: Forward links with parameter queries or custom parameters.

  • Smart Targeting: Deliver different content based on the visitor’s device, browser, country, and more - all from one short link!